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May 26, 2009

May 4 - May 10, 2009

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Mom’s summary update:
This was a very eventful week starting with BJ’s Restaurant fundraiser for Bunk. Rana Schirmer a dear friend of Bunk’s organized a fundraiser through BJ’s Restaurants where she is the finance director (Sorry, Rana, this is most likely the wrong title). On Monday, May 4th all Southern California BJ Restaurants donated 15% of the cost of meals of customers who presented a flyer advertising the fundraiser. Bunk, his Dad and I went to the Brea BJ’s at about 7 PM to meet up with rugby friends. I also ran into personal friends of mine who were there to support Bunk as well. Friends and family went to Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Torrance and Tustin restaurants to name a few. Rana said that the Brea Restaurant had the greatest turnout and that La Mesa was next. Who were the great supporters in La Mesa? I know one of Bunk’s friends, Kendra, worked with her workplace and ordered out a large sum of take out for lunch from BJs. How totally nice of everyone to go out of their way to support Bunk by going out to dinner and hustling others to do the same. Such thoughtfulness always overwhelms me. Big thank yous to everyone who participated and especially Rana and BJ’s Restaurants. Thanks also to Kevin Traut and all the other networks of notification for the event. Bunk’s nurse for the day, Megan, was getting text messages from friends in Corona who work at BJs to tell her about the event. Little did they know that she was going with Bunk and family to the Brea location for dinner. It was great fun for Bunk as he loves being with all his friends. Fundraisers always are great events for him to meet and greet. He is most appreciative of everyone’s generosity. What a way to start the week!

Cinco de Mayo called for Our Lady of Guadalupe Taqueria tacos to celebrate the day. Ted Lawton, Bunk’s doctor, kindly stopped by the house to work with Bunk on a regular regimen of breathing on the spontaneous mode on his vent. It is to consist of Bunk initiating his own breaths with some support from the ventilator. He wants Bunk to get back into the pattern of initiating his own breathing for longer periods of time on a daily basis. He is to start out with 30 minutes of spontaneous breathing twice a day. I am to monitor his volumes and pulse oxygen and report in to Ted in a week. He will evaluate what to do next. Bunk of course was all for it and did 2 sessions successfully on the first day. This is the first attempt at breathing with a prescribed duration and frequency on a daily basis that Ted will monitor regularly on an ongoing basis. Bunk is mentally and physically ready. Pray hard.

When Bunk was first home from the hospital, he had a home visiting occupational therapist who would hold his leg out and have Bunk roll his leg inward off her finger tips. She would also do the same with his hand while holding it on its side. He could slowly get his legs and hands turned inward enough to roll off the hand supporting them. We hadn’t done those exercises for quite a while. We started them again this week. He is a little stronger on his legs but his response on his hands is dramatic. He has much more shoulder strength but I was surprised to see him initiate such specific activity so readily and with such strength. I mentioned it to Dr. Xi. She was not surprised as she has been working on his arm and shoulder strength religiously from the get go. She puts his arms in different positions and has him with some support from her move them in a given direction. He definitely is using more muscles to accomplish these tasks.

On Thursday, Derek came by to hook up Bunk’s new 47″ TV out in the Tipsy. Dave Daly came by to check out all of Bunk’s new TV’s and they all spent the afternoon out in the Tipsy, his brother, Dave, Megan, and Red watching TV. It was a preview of what is to come when Bunk is moved into his place. He loves it out there. It is his place and not living with his parents. He spe nt the majority of the day outside, in the garage with his dad or up in the Tipsy checking out the progress and watching TV. Thursday night we were off to the “No Bad Days” softball game at Hart Park. Bunk’s first outing of the softball season as the weather is warmer and this day was particularly warm and beautiful. Of course he went to “Marty’s” for beer with the guys afterward.

On Friday, Bunk was scheduled to have his power wheel chair’s seat widened and lengthened to better fit him and his cushion. It took most of the day. Bunk had to stay in bed until 4 PM when we got him up into the chair to check everything out. He also got a new chin drive set up that he will be trying out. it is much more sensitive than his old one. Both Stephanie, his physical therapist, and Dr. Xi, his acupuncturist, worked on Bunk while he was still in bed. They were able to work on different areas with Bunk reclined in bed. Thank goodness for the therapists. It is hard for Bunk to stay in bed. He wants to up as soon as possible in the morning and gets back to bed around 10 PM at night. Bed is not his favorite place. Brian Wolf was a welcome visitor. He brought chicken enchiladas that Amanda had made for Bunk. We will all enjoy them thoroughly especially since I h ave never made an enchilada in my life and it is a rare treat to have a homemade enchilada dinner.

The first year Bunk was home from the hospital, Eric Fischer arranged a poker night for Bunk here at the house. At that time they played poker in Bunk’s room while he was in bed. Eric had brought a beautiful set of chips and large cards and card holders for Bunk, they had a wonderful time. Bunk was up for another poker party. He worked with Kevin Traut and Saturday night was the night. Bunk wanted it held in the Tipsy. The TV was set up, the refrigerator was plugged in, the sofa and chairs were there and I set up some card tables. The Tipsy is getting broken in and was the perfect venue for such an event. Kevin Traut, Eric Fischer, Dave Jacobs, Brian Criss, Steve O’Donnell, Blair Woodard (the Servite crew) and Todd Komori, Marty and Priti Franco, Gilbert Salazar, Leigh Wilksen, and Colleen Fink all made Bunk’s night great fun. Leigh held Bunk’s cards for him and helped him play and everyone helped him sip his beer through the straw. Bunk’s diligence at getting the TV and having his brother hook it up paid off as any all sporting events of the evening were enjoyed along with cards, beer, wine, cigars, and some Cosco frozen lasagna. I hope they all had enough to drink to give me a pass on the lasagna. Bunk’s place truly is set up to be a great place for a party or gathering of any k ind. Perfect for Bunk. He is getting quite a social calendar, three nights out this week.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. God bless all you mother’s out there. You are special and essential and I pray for you.
Peggy Taylor dropped off a delicious coffee cake (thank you, Peggy, you are always so kind) and Tom Brand brought Holy Communion. I was able to make it to the 12 Noon Mass. I stood in the back of the church since I always seem to get there late. I was next to a very busy and beautiful little family with 4 young children. It was Bill O’Connell who graduated with Derek from Servite and has been a kind supporter of Bunk. Derek, Bev, Jack and Kate came over in the afternoon to celebrate Mother’s Day. We talked to Erica to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. As Red and Derek spent over a half an hour cooking chicken breasts while they drank their beer and Bev and I spent over an hour putting everything else together not to mention the clean up, we decided that next year it would be In and Out Burgers for everyone and as effortless as possible for Bev and me. We’ ll see.

Bunk worked on his breathing all week, going at it twice a day sometimes up to 40 minutes. He did well on all counts, his volumes and oxygen saturation was good. I asked what he thought about his good volumes on his breaths. He said “It’s easy, you just take a longer b reath”. Pretty simple. Things seem to be working so far.

What a busy week with many enjoyable activities like those Bunk would have been doing prior to his injury. What a blessing, actually a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

In closing, we ask your prayers for our dear lifelong friend, John Connolly (Rojo) who passed away on Mother’s Day after a brief but acute illness. Rojo was our good friend and a kind supporter of Bunk, playing in the golf tournament and coming to visit at the house. We will dearly miss him.

God bless.

May 1, 2009

March 16- March 22

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Mom writes:
Update for the week of March 16 through March 22, 2009

I don’t know how successful I will be in relating the events of this week, especially the St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament for Bunk.
St. Patrick’s Day is a reminder of the tremendous effort and generosity of so many that have supported Bunk since the day he was injured. Red was reviewing for the first time a list of donations going back to 2006. Red stated how humbling it is to be on the receiving end of the generosity and support of so many family, friends, people we know, people we don’t know, people that have heard about Bunk and just want to help, people that are friends of people we know, friends of Bunk and friends of friends of Bunk and then some more friends of Bunk. We as a family have learned what giving truly means. The difference you have made is vast and a singular thank you is inadequate. We are forever in your debt and blessed each day to have you in our lives.

Monday, the day before the big event, was busy with lots of pre golf tournament activity. Dirk and Erika Larson came out from Kansas for the tournament. They stayed with us and chipped in to help with a myriad of tasks. Erica and the grandkids arrived late Sunday night. Erica was in charge of the goody bags for the golfers so everyone was put to work getting the goodies into the bags. It was a beautiful day. We were all outside getting things done. Charlie Butler and Matt Pullam stopped by. Both were in town from Colorado for St. Patrick’s Day Golf.

Dave Daly came after work and we were later rejoined by Charlie, Matt, and Matt’s wife for some good fun and story telling. Bunk got to bed at 1 AM. The house was full. Dirk slept out in the Tipsy, Erika had the front bedroom, Erica and the kids were upstairs, Dave Daly had the sofa and Charlie had the living room floor. Just like days of old. Bunk was loving every minute of it.

St. Patrick’s Day arrived. The Lord must be a wee bit Irish as we are blessed with such outstandingly beautiful weather each St. Patrick’s Day. God’s blessings on all of you in remembrance of this day.

It was a long morning of preparation getting Bunk in bulletproof form so the day would go flawlessly for him. He was wearing a green shirt that her had gone on line to Old Navy and purchased especially for the day.Everyone was taking care of business. We arrived at the Golf Course in time to greet the golfers.
The first thing we saw was an easy up type canopy all in green and white with Bunk’s Road to Recovery logo covering the top and www.bunkwurth.org written on the flaps. Wow! It was donated by Mike Ohirko of Impact Images who offered to make it and personalize it within 2 days of the event. See what I mean!

Bunk settled in under the pavilion where the registration was set up with volunteers manning the tables making sure they received their T shirts thank you to AllPromotion (Mike Schnick), cigars, thank you Buddy Butler, golf tees, thank you Derek and their goody bags, thank you Erica. Generous BJs Pizza ala Rana Schirmer supported by Bret Skehan a BJs Pizza colleague, was there ready to feed the masses and did so with some to spare. It was like the loaves and the fishes. “Beer Pong” one of the “Irish Fetes of Strength” was also set up in the pavilion for golfers as they passed from one hole to another. It was a bevy of activity and Bunk was able to visit with people coming and going during the day either golfing or just stopping by to visit. He never flagged, enjoying every minute of it. Megan his nurse was able to accompany us and that freed him of me and I was able to visit and help out however little in other areas.

Kevin Traut and his crew of volunteers were tireless in their efforts to make the day fun, first and foremost, as well as, a successful fundraiser for Bunk. So many worked so hard on the event, so many donated items for the raffle, and so many donated period. The words will fail me here to once again express how grateful we are.

The dinner was great fun. This year I got around to many of the tables and was able to talk to friends and family a little more than usual. My sisters and niece made desserts to be auctioned off. Doug Butler once again paid good money for my sister, Mary Catherine’s dessert. The raffle worked well thanks to Kim Mangini and all of you who sold raffle tickets as if your life depended on it. Center pieces were arranged by Leigh Spalding Wilksen and were for taking home. Leigh also coordinated the volunteers. Thank you, Leigh. Dan Maher was Master of Ceremonies and dear Father Sera gave a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day prayer to start the meal of corned beef and cabbage with an Irish flare. What a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Bunk’s favorite day. A day he has always considered a personal holiday whether his employer thought so or not. We thank you all for making it a grand holiday as well and joining Bunk in his celebration.

Kevin Traut shared with many of us a few of his favorite quotes of the day. I would like to share them again with all of you:
- “I didn’t even notice the pace of play, we were having such a good time. That was the fastest 5 1/2 hour round of golf I have ever played.”
- “I don’t care if we finish, just put us next to the Killeen boys.”
- “There was a bagpiper? What foursome was he in?” (I forgot to mention we were piped into dinner by a bagpiper to add to the spirit of the day)
- From the General Manager of Coyote Hills, “My employees are already asking if you are coming back next year. That is how much fun they have with your group.”
- Sondra the Bushmills Girl said, “I am all out of product, I can’t do any more good here but make sure I am invited to next year’s tournament.”
- Kevin’s last quote is from Bunk, smiling and responding to an outreached hand from a course vendor, “Buddy, one day I will shake that hand.”

And for all of you, an Irish Blessing from the Wurth family:
May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now
And bless you evermore.

And one from Bunk:
May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.

Bunk got home around 10 PM and to bed at 1 AM still talking about the day. Another houseful of sleep-overs but all had a pillow for their head and I think a blanket to keep them warm. The Tipsy has become a terrific overflow area.

Another beautiful day followed St. Patrick’s Day. We were all outside again. Erica is the master organizer of the family. I have no idea who she inherited it from but thank goodness for Erica getting all the Golf Tournament materials into labeled tubs. I have never worked a label machine in my life. Bunk napped in the afternoon.

Bunk kept to his daily routine but napped more than usual for the rest of the week. Erica found a sofa for Bunk on Craig’s list and wasted no time in picking it up and getting it up to the Tipsy. In the morning, I was changing Bunk’s tracheostomy tube and Erica was with us in the bedroom and while I had his trach out (he is off the ventilator when I change his trach tube) he started talking to Erica. I was so surprised to hear him very softly say a brief sentence to his sister. He certainly is more confident when he is off the vent and evidently when his trach tube is out as well.

The NCAA Tournament started and he was watching the games from the get go. Erica’s Rosary girl friends came by to visit with their children, great fun for Evelyn and Will. Kim Mangini stopped to visit Bunk.

On Saturday, all the grandchildren were here and I took them all out to Watson’s Drug Store down in the Circle of Orange for lunch while Derek and Bunk watched NCAA Basketball and measured for TV’s up in the Tipsy. Erica was desperately trying to get everything organized before she left for San Francisco. God love her.

On Sunday rain closed out a week of glorious sunshine. By today Bunk had caught up on his sleep although he did nap in the AM. He and Erica talked decorating out in the Tipsy. Bunk signed his name on some Golf Tournament photos by using a pen in his mouth. When his Uncle Phil called later to ask him about the signature, he laughingly said his signature was more legible when he wrote it by mouth than when he signed by hand because he tries to form each letter more clearly and that before he didn’t care that much.

Erica packed up the kids and headed back home to San Francisco about 2 PM. She had been a great help, cook, organizer, furniture procurer, and cleaner during the week. She had a long drive ahead of her. She must have been exhausted but got home safely.

God bless everyone who contributed to this wonderful week for Bunk. He is getting stronger by the week. Your impact is felt through prayer, support and such fundraising events. Bunk is the direct beneficiary of such efforts and I pray that the benefits he receives are multiplied and returned to you through God’s grace. God Bless.

March 26, 2008

Friday, March 22, 2008

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Bunk again was getting up before noon. His goal is to be up by 10 am but we are getting closer to 11 am on a daily basis which is a huge improvement from a few months back when we were getting him up by 1 PM. If he is sleeping he encourages us to wake him up and keep moving toward being up. We have been talking about his diet and the medicines and supplements that go down his gastrostomy tube vs those that he can take orally. Today he said that as soon as his wound is healed he is going to get rid of his G Tube. Thank you God.Erica got me up to the Stations of the Cross at 12 noon. I felt better having participated in the day in a prayerful way. I probably would not have made it if it weren’t for Erica.

Dr. Xi came for acupuncture. She again had Bunk pulling her up from leaning back with the strength from his shoulder shrugs. She had him do it to me as well. It is something we can do outside her regular sessions.We had a good group of visitors throughout the day: Leigh Spalding Wilksen, John Daly, and his brother Derek, always therapeutic for Bunk. Basketball was the ticket and the highlight was the University of San Diego’s victory in the tournament.

The grandchildren were playing outside in the afternoon and I was able to get some watering done and some bedding plants in the ground. We even had a spontaneous Easter egg hunt. The kids stuffed their own plastic eggs and grandpa hid them and they were off. A busy week following a magnificent start and Bunk taking off.

Monday, March 17, 2008 Happy St. Pat’s Day!

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How do I even begin to describe the day? I guess starting at the beginning will be the best way.Bunk was ready. He had his clothes picked out and we were up in the wheel chair by 11 am. Our aim was to get to Coyote Hills Golf Course by noon. I think we were pretty close. Bunk’s biggest frustration in the morning was trying to direct us in how to fix his hair. It is so hard for him to tell us how to getthe desired effect thathe could get by just running his fingers through his hair before. He wore a green sweater and had the green “Irish” ball cap on his wheelchair for the wearing of the green.

When we arrived at Coyote HillsGolf Club (thank you Coyote Hills)many people were already there enjoying lunch provided by B.J.’s organized by Rana Schirmer. Kevin Traut had everything in hand. What an organizer! There were tee shirts designed by Mike Schnick as he has done for other events and”Noble Lads” tee shirts made for St. Patrick’s Day with the “No Bad Days” logo incorporated into the design.Bunk was able to meet and greet so many family, friends, and friends of friends, acquaintances and new acquaintances. He was situated so that when all the golf carts started off they passed by him and he could give a bit of a send off to the golfers. Many people traveled from afar to come to the golf tournament to support Bunk. We are most grateful.He sat out during the day and chatted with the golfers as they came by the greens near the clubhouse. Many non golfers stopped by to see Bunk throughout the day; some just came by the golf course to say hello to Bunk. Eric Northbrook, who was a fellow patient with Bunk at Craig Hospital in Colorado, joined us for a while. Eric supported Bunk at Craig by helping him to get a single room. Eric is from San Diego County and has establishedthe HeadNORTH Foundationto support spinal cord injury research and assist those with spinal cord injuries. We had not seen him since the day he left Craig Hospital. Bill Morrison, a Servite friend of Bunk’s, stopped by with his family on their way home from a Yosemite vacation, just to say hello.

Kristen Bean and her corps of volunteers were off to the greens to oversee with great cheer the Irish Feats of Strength designed by Eric Fischer. Eric brought the St. Patrick’s Day and Irish theme to a new level of celebration. I cannot even name all the volunteers. They are grammar school, high school, college, rugby, soft ball and just friends that have been there time and time again for Bunk, especially in supporting the events. The female volunteers wore green Bunk tee shirts whichthey redesigned with scissors to make them more to their taste and the weather.There wasa realparty out on the greens from what I hear. Bunk is committed to getting out there next year. He was pretty independent at getting around and it will only be better next year.John Fitzpatrick of Lights, Camera, Action who had been the official photographer for the Goodwill Luncheon when Team Bunk was presented with an award, kindly donated his skill and time to photograph the day, staying well into the evening. His son is a Servite grad who happens to work at Coyote Hills. He worked with his dad for the day.John staged a photo of all the attendees prior to dinner and provided the group picture for all attendees near the end of the evening.His generosity will allow for many photographic memories of the day.

During the day, I had the opportunity to go upstairs in the clubhouse and see firsthand the event day work involved in pulling the dinner, raffle, and auction together. Kim Carlberg Mangini, Shannon O’Connell Hawkins, Ann Walsh, Leigh Spalding Wilksen and so many others worked hard to obtain donated auction and raffle items. Shannon and Ann were pulling it all together with calm diligence. A giant thank you to those who worked at obtaining auction and raffle items and especially to you who donated the items. It truly is overwhelming.Coach Toner from Servite who is the God Father of Derek’s son Jack, came to see Bunk as we went into dinner. Corned Beef and Cabbage was served for dinner and Bunk loved the corned beef and of course avoided the vegetables. My sisters, Roselind and Mary Catherine, werein charge of dessertsthat wereauctioned off for the kick off of the live auction. That was fun and I thank them for parading the desserts around the tables. I snagged a bite of Mary Catherine’s strawberry cream cake from Doug Butler who bought the cake. It was great.

We hope that everyone who came had a wonderful day. Bunk thoroughly enjoyed himself all day, especially being with so many friends. Bunk is truly a people person and he was strong enough to truly enjoy everyone. You who know him well, know that being in a group of friends and outside is one of his favorite things. A great tonic. He kept his power drive on and moved himself aroundreadily.He was visiting with people until 10:30 PMall the while as we left to go to the van.This is such a hopelessly inadequate recounting of such a wonderful day. Thereare so many people and activities that I have notcovered. I would love it if people wrote some of their experiences in the guest book. I have left out so many people whoworked hard for Bunk that day andall the people who came and participated in support. We are deeply indebted to Kevin Traut and Team Bunk who worked tirelessly on the event.

Todd Hart, a Servite graduate injured playing football, told us that it takes about 2 years for the fog to clear and things to settle out. I would say, now,that is verytrue. This is the first fundraising event that Bunk and his mom and dad have been in a place to be more engaged in and aware of the activities of preparation. Previously, Bunk was in the hospital or just home and his day to day care was so intense that there was not much capacity tofocus beyond our daily activities.Ithas madeus very aware of the tremendous effort and sacrifice it takes to take on such an undertaking. Looking back at the many fundraisersof thePoker Nights, Junk 4 Bunk, Perry’s Pizzas, the first Golf Tournament, other fund raisers and contributions and now the 2nd Golf Classic, we are acutely aware of the depth of gratitude that is owed to everyone who has given of their time and treasurefor the benefit of Bunk in organizing, participating, and contributing to Bunk in any way. It overwhelms me to think of how we can begin to address the generosity of others. We must begin to try harder. God certainly has blessed you all but there is a huge need on our part to thank you in some significant way. There aremany of whomwe don’t even know ofyourgenerosity.Know that I pray for all of Bunk’s supporters every day. I pray that you are as rich in God’s blessings as we have been in your generosity.

March 21, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Bunk slept well and was again up by 11:30. Kristen Bean stopped by to pick up tournament decorations and say a quick hello. Derek, Bev, Jack and Kate came and I was able to go to church with all 5 of my grandchildren for the first time. Thank you, Bev. She comes for Mass from time to time knowing that it helps me get there and of course I love to go to church with my grandchildren and, if I do say so myself, all fivewere all perfectly behaved today even through the long Palm Sunday gospel.

Jim Faley was at home when we got back he and his nephew, Noel, dropped off some Noble Lad St. Patrick Day “No Bad Days” T shirts. They were great and done for the Golf Tournament. How nice of Jim, a noble lad for sure.

Leigh Wilksen brought a beautiful spray of orchids and had a good visit with Bunk. Leigh Ann used to dye or bleach Bunk’s hair for him from time to time in years past. Bunk has beentalking about lightening his hair again probably seeing Leigh Ann again reminded himor he isjust wanting to cover the gray that isemerging at his temples and side burns like his brother Derek.

Peggy Taylor, herdaughters, Lennette and Dawn, and Dawn’s husband, Jesse Bingaman (Perry’s Pizza) came bearing Lasagna, desserts, and vegetables.Peggy feeds the world and we are grateful recipients of her generosity. Dawn and Jesse have a fund raising day at their Pizza Parlor, Perry’s Pizza, and every year and donate the proceeds of the day to Bunk.They have already scheduled August 9th for Perry’s Pizza for Bunk this year. The familyis so good to Bunk and on a busy day like today a drop in dinner fit the bill.We are blessed.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow and praying for continued good weather for the Golf Tournament.

Many blessings have come our way daily and we thank God for all of youthrough whom God’s blessings have come. God Bless.

February 1, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Today, Bunk is 38 years old. As Bunk frequently says, “Home with my parents is not where I expected to be at my age.” A very “No bad days” way of putting it. I didn’t even get a Happy Birthday out until well into the day. The first birthday greeting came from Peggy Taylor who has so generously brought food by so often.Today, she brought Bunk a birthday cake and sung him Happy Birthday. The cake was still warm. She must have taken it out of the oven, decorated it and hopped in the car with her husband to come deliver it. Teri Robinson, a St. Norbert mother from the days when the kids were in school there, was with Peggy. It was a treat since I had not seen Teri since those grammar school days.
Next UPS delivered a Honey Baked Ham sent from Pat and Joyce Murphree with a “Ham it up” birthday message. Bunk loves Honey Baked hams. At Christmas, I had to send Red out to get one as my menu wasn’t complete in Bunk’s eyes without it. Pat and Joyce sent a whole ham. Bunk was delighted. Be on the lookout for some of that ham on Saturday. Bunk says its okay as long as enough be set aside for him for eating later. The Murphrees generously keep Bunk supplied with Body Balance a nutritional supplement of glyconutrients which I give him every day.

Leigh Wilksen stopped in next with a delectable birthday cupcake. Leigh is a long time grammar school friend of Bunk’s (he was a “bridesmaid” at her wedding) so she just chatted away as we got him out of bed and into his wheel chair. Larry Honikel brought Holy Communion and good cheer. How nice for Bunk to have that spiritual moment on his birthday. I loved the birthday card he and his wife Jeanie sent. It was perfect. Dr. Xi was running a little late and since we were due to depart for Joe Jost’s at 2:30, we cancelled the acupuncture for the day. You hate to miss any of his sessions but today was special and Bunk was staying on schedule to get to Joe Jost’s on time.

We got to Joe’s about 3:15 and people were already there. We set up shop back by the billiard tables where Bunk could hold court. His Aunt Mary Catherine, Uncle Ron, and his cousin Julie were there and Pat and Joyce Murphree, as well as other high school friends of ours from St. Anthony’s. His brother, Derek, joined the family. We missed Erica but she called and talked to Bunk on the way home. It was a great evening at Joe’s filled with Servite friends, rugby friends, softball friends, friend friends, along with family and family friends. It was a perfect Joe Jost gathering. We have a picture or two that hopefully we can post on the web site. Thank you all for such a show of support for Bunk and making the day so fun for him. He drank a few beers and enjoyed all the noise and camaraderie. By 6:30 he was ready to head for home. He was tired but glad for the day. Bunk reminds me of my mother. If there were 2 or more people it was enough for a party. I would say Bunk is always up for a party as well. We got home and listened to the birthday messages on the telephone. I fixed him a BLT sandwich before heading to bed. He slept well. Maybe the beer is the key.

Now we’re gearing up for Saturday. We look forward to our family all being together and hope to see many of you here for food and visiting.

God bless you all for keeping Bunk in your hearts. Happy Birthday, Bunk! We are off on another year of Bunk moving forward and getting stronger.

November 23, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Sally is up in SF with Erica and the new Plam edition, Helen Anne Schilling Plam. Erica is still in the hospital so Sally is helping out with Evelyn and Will on the home front. Evelyn was very excited to hear about her new baby sister and Will deliberated for a moment and then said it was O.K. that she was a girl. All continues to be well at the Wurth house. The all male regime was quickly upset when Aunts Mary Catherine, Roselind and I (Bev) showed up this morning to help set up for the Wurth Thanksgiving event. Uncles Ron and Phil, and cousin Lori and the little cousins, Nick, Jake, Jack and Kate all pitched in to get everything set for the anticipated group. The tent was up and we placed tables and chairs and decorations about the backyard for Thanksgiving day. Bunk drove his wheelchair down to the backyard to supervise the placement of the space heater for his socializing area. Leigh Wilksen came by to see how things were progressing pre-holiday. She brought a beautiful floral display for Sally which brightened up the room. A bit later Dr. Xi came for her Wednesday appointment. Bunk was able to go through his whole acupuncture and therapy routine. Brian and Bunk’s godson McKinney Wolfe came by to visit. They took a tour of the Tipsy and noted some of the elevator equipment had arrived. When I asked for more details of the evening I received blank stares from both Red and Bunk so I’ll just tell you they played with matches and stayed up past midnight since Sally was gone. We are looking forward to Sally’s safe return and a beautiful, family-filled day tomorrow. We send our prayers to all of you for a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving.

November 7, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

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With the day of the Walter Knott Award having arrived, and Mom and Dad having had sole care of Bunk for the last three days, Mom commented that it was a singularly spectacular event that they managed to get everything done, morning routine completed and everyone put together in order to arrive not only on time, but even a little early, to the special luncheon. Fortunately, Bunk was feeling well and all went fairly smoothly in the morning - his health obviously always plays such and issue in the scheme of the routine. Bunk was happy to be amongst our family and many of his good friends, all of whom have helped him and our immediate family in so many selfless ways these past twenty months. Aunt Mary Catherine, Uncle Ron, Derek, Beverly; family longtime family friends Marie Steuber, Carol Woodman, Dave and Pat Valentine; Bunk’s rugby mates Jeff (Monty) Crave, Todd Komori, Mike (Jello) Cobleigh; softball teammate and good friend Gilbert Salazar; Martin and Priti Franco from CSUF (and rugby); dear friends from Servite Kevin Traut and Eric Fischer; childhood friends from St. Norbert’s school and parish Carrie (Haupert) Ware and Leigh (Spalding) Wilksen; and of course his dedicated colleagues from the SLDC, Dawn O’Connor, Harriet Hassan and Steve Sinney. What an incredible group representing Team Bunk. The lines of Bunk’s many friends and connections are sufficiently blurred to make for one large, committed and loving support group. Thank you all. Bunk enjoyed himself in spite of the rather formal occasion - he was looking forward to heading to the pub after the event - and was so impressed by the kindness and generosity of the people from Goodwill that it made the entire afternoon pleasant in spite of being in the spotlight (something he doesn’t usually like). Following the luncheon, he and all his friends cruised through Costa Mesa (where he lived for years prior to his accident), drove by his old house and made their way to The Harp - one of his favorite, previously frequented pubs in town. He said it was almost like old times, except Mom and Dad were along for the ride! He enjoyed them altogether, even as Mom and Dad humbly try to keep a low profile when Bunk is in social situations. It was really a fantastic day for Bunk, our family, and, importantly, for all of you on Team Bunk. Bunk would not be where he is today without your dedication, kindness and love.

January 12, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2006

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Wednesday night was generous with sleep, allowing not only Bunk, but Mom and Dad also, to get some much needed rest. The presence of a night nurse always helps to make their wish for sleep a reality, and helps foster a positive start to the following day. In spite of the benefits of some good sleep, the day did begin, however, on a very sad note with the funeral of Mr. Spalding, the father of Bunk’s good friend Leigh (Spalding) Wilksen. Obviously, Bunk was unable to attend, as well Mom and Dad, who were tending to Bunk’s many IV medications and growing list of needs; our thoughts and prayers go out to the Spalding family, especially in their time of sorrow. Cami (Creagan) Avila, a classmate of Bunk’s from St. Norbert’s, came by around 10:00 in the morning for a very nice visit after the funeral and stayed for the entire morning visiting with Bunk and Mom. Comfortable and feeling slightly better than yesterday, he wanted to get out of bed and into his wheelchair after being bathed and dressed. As it turned out, this was rather wishful thinking: when Mom, Dad and Reuben got the sling around him and began to bring him upright, Bunk became dizzy, his blood pressure dropped and he almost blacked out. It’s not completely surprising since he has been horizontal for five days straight, and Bunk certainly needs to ease his way back into lengthy and difficult transfer process. Being in bed the whole day wasn’t ideal for Bunk, but he used it to his best advantage while chatting with the wonderful, pleasant and steady stream of bedside visitors throughout the day. Around 1:00, Aunt Kathleen, our cousin Adam, his wife Josie and their new son Nicolas arrived for a nice, relaxed visit with wonderfully supportive chats. Brian Wolf and Aunt Mary Catherine showed up, too, contributing to the wonderful continuation of support and positive, hopeful influence that each of you wield. Although not overly conversant, Bunk was feeling well enough to chat, watch TV, and stay awake through the course of the day. Derek always makes for great company for Bunk, and around 4:00 he arrived to stay into the evening, watching some TV and a movie with him, taking a seat where he always does when Bunk is in bed, right next to in Bunk’s wheelchair. Generally speaking, the rebuilding phase has begun and it was a day of recovery and small gains in strength. Mom is having a frustrating time with the IV pump that is employed to delivery Bunk’s many medications; keeping the many lines to the IV, the schedules and the alarms on the pump in working order is one tall order. She is doing an incredible job, putting to great use her sharp nursing skills and purposeful devotion. Please continue with the streaming of prayers and positive thoughts in Bunk’s direction!

December 18, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Another big day began much as most other Sundays have: with a visit from the Eucharistic Minister as well as a massage therapy visit from the generous Yvonne Bergeon Brewer. It was wonderful for Bunk that this morning the Eucharistic Minister who arrived at 9:30 from St. Norbert’s was his friend Tom Brand. Tom read today’s Gospel, gave communion to and prayed with Mom, Dad and Bunk. All three now look forward to Sunday’s visit for many reasons, but especially for the hope and fellowship it offers in their currently much smaller world. When Yvonne arrived around 10:30, aside from the great comfort her manual and massage therapy provide for Bunk, today her husband joined her to watch football with him, too; it all made for a very pleasant morning for Bunk. Earlier in the week his lifelong friend Leigh (Spalding) Wilksen had phoned to make arrangements to visit and give him a hair cut with a bit of style; Bunk had been looking forward to both the visit and the haircut all week, but clearly for Bunk, visits and friendship top nearly everything else. Thank you to Yvonne and Leigh for their caring example and for the generosityof sharing their time. A little rest last night - never enough - paved the way for a decent day, the highlight of which was a visit to our cousins Mike and Lori Killeen’s house for Grandma Mary’s Christmas Party. Mike installed a ramp into his home so that Bunk could make his way easily in and out, and the laid back, enjoyable Christmas visit with our many cousins, Aunts and Uncles, combined with the relatively respectable day he was having (in terms of his health and football viewing) added up to a positive beginning to a hopeful week. Dad commented that today Bunk was grinning like a Cheshire cat, enjoying the time with his family immensely. This is not to say that Bunk again wasn’t thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day - he was - but that the exhaustion stemmed from a happier source than a battery of tests or procedures. Bunk and Dad squeezed in one more football game prior to the transfer process back to bed, after which Bunk was genuinely tired and ready for some sleep, in spite of hitching abreathing ridefrom the ventilator all day. Bunkdid notventure into CPAP breating at all today. Keep your dedicated and beautiful prayers coming! They are paving the way to recovery and health for our brother Bunk, and helping to keep him sound and in tact on the very difficult road. Please pray for a return of his appetite (which in turn facilitates drinking), for improved and consistent breathing strides, for Bunk’s spirits and faith to be strong, and for his health to continually improve.

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